Called To Tonga

Called to Tonga is a short 30 minute documentary about a family that decides to leave the United States to become missionaries to the Kingdom of Tonga.

Through interviews, photos, and videos, Chris, Ashley and their three children talk about the decision they made to follow the calling of God. They discuss how and why they decided to move to this small South Pacific island and share with us their stories about the struggles, difficulties, and joys they experience in their daily lives living and working alongside the Tongan people.


The purpose of this short documentary is to help Chris & Ashley tell their story of how they got started and share their experiences working with the people of Tonga. This documentary will not be used for any commercial purposes and will only be shown at film festivals, churches, and shared online.

For more info about Chris & Ashley, they occasionally update their blog that you can read here:

Movie Details

  • Title: Called To Tonga
  • Tag Line: One Love For God
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Runtime: 30 Minutes (estimated)
  • Release Date: June 2015 (estimated)


  • Chris Paquette
  • Ashley Paquette
  • Ariel Paquette
  • Indy Paquette
  • Alei Paquette


  • Director, Producer & Editor: Jonny Paquette
  • Executive Producer: Jerry Paquette
  • Home Media Provided by:
    • The Glines Family
    • The Paquette Family
    • Douglas Berube
  • Music:

Artist: Enter The Worship Circle
Album: First circle
Courtesy of: Blue Renaissance Music

"It’s My Joy"
Artist: Enter The Worship Circle
Album: Third circle
Courtesy of: Blue Renaissance Music

"Your House"
Artist: Enter The Worship Circle
Album: Fourth circle
Courtesy of: Blue Renaissance Music

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  • Thanks to:
    • Brandon
    • Doug & Miranda Berube
    • Glines Family
    • Henry
    • Ika Finefeuiaki
    • Josh Pritchet
    • Joshua Hutchings
    • Kamu & Saane Finefeuiaki
    • Maka
    • Mike Glines
    • Nguae
    • Paquette Family
    • Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara
    • Ron & Nete Jones
    • Russ & Maz Wark
    • Sam Hafoka
    • Samaritan’s Purse AU/NZ
    • Shoe Family
    • Todd Marvel
    • Toti Vaka
  • Special Thanks to:
    • His Majesty King Tupou VI for allowing us to serve his Kingdom.
    • The countless other people who continue to support and pray for us and the people of Tonga!